Britain’s cold and wet weather can make for some rather bleak winters, giving you the perfect excuse to escape to somewhere a little more magical. Canada a world-class winter destination—and for good reason. You can do just about any winter activity here, from skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and dog sledding.

Since Alberta is one of the most popular winter destinations (flights to Calgary taking you within 90 minutes of the majestic Rockies) we regularly receive requests from customers looking for things they can do around this time of year.

We dug deep to uncover some magical places across the province. Read on for our top recommendations.

Abraham Lake

Located on the North Saskatchewan River, Abraham Lake is Alberta’s largest man-made lake. Despite being artificial, it resembles many other glacial lakes in the province with its distinct turquoise colour. But its’ appearance becomes more unique during the winter months as methane bubbles trapped below the surface of the lake freeze, creating crystal-like formations underneath. If you’re keen to take some incredible photos during your trip and see something spectacular, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Jasper Dark Sky Preserve

Limited light pollution might not sound like an appealing factor, but it certainly creates ideal conditions for dark sky viewing. In 2011, Jasper was named as one of 17 designated Dark Sky Preserves by the Royal Astronomical Society for this very reason, making it the perfect spot for stargazing on a chilly night! Pack your winter warmers, grab a hot chocolate and head to Jasper National Park for a truly unforgettable experience.

Miette Hot Springs

Also in Jasper National Park, you’ll find the hottest mineral springs in the Canadian Rockies. Particularly enjoyable after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, or hiking through the mountains, Miette Hot Springs is slightly more remote than Banff’s historic springs, which, on the plus side, usually means it’s less crowded. Sit back and relax as you admire a backdrop of snowy peaks. The area is also very popular with bears, so don’t be shocked if you see one or two wandering around the car park!

Athabasca Ice Cave

The next attraction on our list is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Conveniently located within Jasper National Park (so you can tick off multiple spots in one scenic journey!) you’ll find it right on the edge of the Athabasca Glacier, which is part of the Columbia Icefield. Due to its fragile nature and for your own safety, you’ll need to explore the ice cave with a certified guide, who will be happy to share fun facts as you go. Venture inside and marvel at the beautiful blue walls, while peaking at the Rocky Mountains through the cave’s opening.

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake is situated in Banff National Park, which is equally beautiful. In winter, it freezes over and like Lake Louise, can be used to ice skate, play hockey, or go snowshoeing. Thanks to its magnificent scenery and incredible sunsets, you’ll often see couples having wedding photos taken here. If you’re driving, be sure to explore the Lake Minnewanka Loop, where you can discover many of Banff’s must-see lakes, including Johnson Lake and Minnewanka Lake.

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